I teach the following Brain Gym courses:

Hands On Brain Gym in the Classroom and Beyond. A 2 day experiential introductory workshop for teachers, parents, therapists, au pairs, social workers, and anyone who are passionate about working with children. 

NIM ( Neuro Integtration Movements)

This is the first course of the Brain Gym in South Africa learning track. In this 2-day introduction course you are introduced to the four-step Brain Gym® warm-up program called PACE and all the Brain Gym® movements. The user feels instantly focused, on track, and ready to begin any task or meet any challenge.

Discover the function of the Triune brain: the Reptilian brain, the Limbic System and the Neo-Cortex, and the learning implications of brain functioning in terms of three dimensions- laterality, focus and centering at a basic level.

Candidates will learn how "knowing" the dominant eye, ear, hand and foot can affect your ability to read, write, and other functioning.

The workshop is an active experience with a lot of fun. You will need to wear comfortable clothes to be able to move freely.

Brain Gym® 101

Prerequisites: This course is open to all who have successfully competed Neuro Integration Movements (NIM)

If you want more than doing Brain Gym exercises, then do this 4-day course, where you learn to apply these movements and others, to let go of ineffective and/or sabotaging behaviour and replace it with a new and effective ones.

The three dimension of intelligence. 
The dimensions of laterality, focus and centering that were introduced in the Introduction to Brain Gym® course are now incorporated into action balances, which candidates can apply to develop the following skills:

  • Vision,
  • Auditory,
  • Writing,
  • Communication,
  • Organization of thought patterns,
  • comprehension.

The five Steps Balance. The powerful process, which is at the heart of the Brain Gym® system, links a goal of one's own choosing to the abilities needed to achieve it. It includes a simple method for determining which Brain Gym activities will best support the goal, plus a reinforcement technique called "anchoring' that quickly internalizes the new learning.

26 Target Activities: When performed in the context of the balance process, these simple physical movements bring about rapid and automatic improvements in skills such as memory, math, reading, writing, concentration, and communication, and also produce noticeable gains in creativity, energy levels, and athletic performance.