I've been suffering from Shy Bladder Syndrome (Paruresis) for 25 Years to now. I approached Nicola to assist me with this psychological and emotional disorder, as it created big discomfort and panic in my life. Nicola has shown me that the disorder is strongly embedded in my being and is a root cause to several other problems that I am experiencing in my life. She helped me to identify several of theses emotional issues or branches from this root cause. Nicola uses a variety of modalities to see which is the most appropriate for correcting the specific emotional imbalance experienced. I have experienced improved and relaxed relationships which were tense in the past, a significant decrease in anxiety levels, increased happiness and joy, and of course a dramatic improvement in correcting my Shy Bladder Syndrome. I highly recommend Transformational Therapy to any person as I have experienced dramatic improvements in my own life and I continue to work with Nicola to continue my growth and transformation into the person I want to be. Transformation Therapy not only helps you overcome your issues, it also gives you great insight into why the issues exist in the first place and what purpose it has, making it easier to release the issue with joy, love and compassion.

With Gratitude

Steven from Strand, Cape Town


Nicola's healing work is powerful and life-changing. She is a clear channel to the spirit world. I would highly recommend Nicola to anyone on the path of self-awareness. The world needs more true healers. I feel so blessed because I got to work with her. 

I went to Nicola at a time in my life that I felt utterly hopeless, in pain beyond all my understanding. I was not truly living. After working with her, my depression lifted, the unbelievable pain went away.

Thank you Nicola for helping me in my healing process. A great deal of stress has melted away from my consciousness. The wonder of life has entered my Soul again!  From Christine, Abudhabi