Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a movement program that uses a system of quick, easy and enjoyable physical activities that directly enhance brain function. It is based on the principle that nature already gave you a perfect way to maximize your brain power. 

Brain Gym is a process that offers you great ways to integrate the whole brain for enhanced learning and performance. It teaches you new ways to integrate the brain and body, so that your whole brain and body work together in harmony. Whole Brain Integration occurs. Brain Gym identifies the states that create frustration and failure. It re-educates the mind-body system to function in a more integrated whole-brain manner which supports and enhances your efforts to achieve a specific goal. You become more creative in your thoughts and ideas. You become emotionally more balanced. You take action with enthusiasm and high levels of motivation. 

The Brain Gym® Movements have been used successfully for

Personal Health, Wealth and Abundance
·  Creating better levels of vitality and health.
·  Integrating your brain and nervous system for optimal performance in all areas –
   intellectual, creative, athletic and interpersonal skills.
·  Releasing stress. Have fun and enjoy life!
·  Enhancing voice and singing abilities – enjoy singing and public speaking
In the Workplace
·  Being all that you are meant to be!
·  Reducing stress in your professional life.
·  Increasing energy level, organization, productivity and communication.
·  Setting smart goals and realizing your greatest potential
·  Communicating more effectively in all relationships.
Preschool and babies
·  Activating appropriate reflexes for optimum development of learning skills
·  Integrating sensory perception. By knowing their bodies, young kids learn easier.
·  Integrating retained infant reflexes.

Primary and High Schools
·  Enhancing short and long term memory.
·  Enhancing focus, concentration, and attention span
·  Enhancing self esteem and confidence.
·  Increasing learning and creative potential.
·  Improving reading and math performance and scores.
·  Improving handwriting and writing skills.

Kids and Adults with Learning Differences
·  Building new neural pathways to function at their balanced best.
·  Reducing challenges with special need children and adults.
·  Reducing tension and stress and allowing yourself to learn easily.
·  Improving reading comprehension, focus, vision, and hearing.
·  Integrating the right and left hemispheres, enabling a shift in mental gears from reflexive action to more effective balanced ways of thinking.
·  Correcting vestibular challenges and sensory integration dysfunction.
·  Correcting learning challenges for ADD, ADHD and Autism.
·  Reducing brain injury challenges.

In Sports and Recreation

·  Mental management for great personal results
·  Activating the core muscles for enhanced coordination and flexibility

Brain Gym is used in schools, business and daily life at any age.