Where my journey started:

When my son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6, I came into contact with Brain Gym, which introduced me to the world of Kinesiology. I qualified as a Brain Gym Practitioner and later became an instructor. I offer a holistic integrative approach using Brain Gym and other healing modalities.  I now specialize in Educational Kinesiology.

I work with children and adults, individually and in groups. I specialize in addressing ADHD/ADD and other learning challenges, as well as behavioral and emotional issues. My approach works with your body mind system to bring about balance and stress reduction as well as improving motivation and energy on mental emotional physical and spiritual levels.

Part of the therapy ( also referred to as bodywork) entails working on the physical body to release blockages and pain. For this I uses a combination of Quantum Touch, Acupressure points, Neurovascular and neurolymphatic points, isometric muscle activation, Cranio Sacral Therapy Techniques and RESET, a technique focusing on the TMJ joint.

A series of therapy sessions focusses on improving your life. We look at what is currently wrong or out of balance and work towards installing the opposite positive into your being.  this ranges from improving self-esteem, motivation or brain integration, to clearing fears and emotional issues holding you back.  You will be able to move forward with ease, function at an optimal level, stay calm under pressure, make choices easily.  By becoming aware of what your issues are, feeling how it is shifted you become empowered and can move forward.  Bio-feedback from your body indicates what you as an individual needs.  By bringing balance to your system on all levels you can function from a calmer, more integrated space and have more energy, motivation and focus.